Other Resources

We are doing our best to meet the needs of those affected by the floods. The reality is that sometimes an affected family’s needs are more than what an adopted family can provide for you.

Below is a list of resources we’re gathering if you need assistance above + beyond what your adopted family can provide. I hope this is helpful to you in your time of need.

Link to extensive list of resources in Greater BR area WAFB– constantly being updated: 
Link to extensive a resources in Acadiana Area and is constantly being updated:

Immediate relief + shelters

National Organizations Assisting

Organizations to help with Gutting + Cleanup 

  • http://www.vineyardmercyresponse.org/
  • The Baptist Association of Southeast Louisiana is a disaster relief program that will gut out your sheet rock and spray to kill the mold that is growing in your home free of charge. If you need assistance please call Stan statham, Director of missions at 985-839-3827. or email domstan@basela.Org
  • If you are in the Lafayette area, you can request assistance from Our Savior’s Church
Baton Rouge/Denham/Prairieville/Gonzales area:
St. Thomas More Catholic Church
11441 Goodwood Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
All are welcomed! A hot meal will also be served starting at noon. (8/20)
The trucks are full of the following items: non-perishable food, water, powerade, diapers, baby wipes, cleaning supplies (mops, bleach, buckets, trash bags), paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex), toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes), pet food, clothes (men’s, women’s, boys, girls, baby), toys, gift cards, etc. Please spread the word for anyone who is in need!
These items are a sign of our solidarity with you as you go through these difficult times. You are in our thoughts and prayers!
First United Methodist Church in Denham off of Centerville has food, diaper and TONS of cleaning supplies for the flood victims. They have trucks with donations arriving throughout the day (Friday, Sat) and are asking to please spread the word.
First Methodist Gonzales
Healing Place Church
Cross of Glory Lutheran
5500 Stumburg ln Baton Rouge
They will be giving out donations and hot food later this week
UPDATE: the big event with BBQ and giving out items will be next week still sorting items as so many more donations are coming in. I’ll keep you updated.   Also free daycare for anyone in need ?If you would like to donate them our center we are accepting donations for flood victims. We are accepting all clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, toiletries, personal hygiene, etc to help families rebuild. We are located at 5500 Stumberg Ln. I’m sure a family will need them. My name is Stefanie and the number here is 225-753-5133 or 225-362-3624.
Together BR
This group is taking financial donations and ordering and shipping to people directly
To Donate:
To sign up if you have needs:
The responses we’ve received through the Flood Damage Survey at LAfloodsurvey.com are overwhelming. There are MAJOR, immediate needs for clothes, underwear/ bras, bottles, food, bedding/blow-up mattresses, medicine, water, help and supplies to gut homes.
Here’s a sample response from the survey:
“Just so heart broken at losing everything i had to work hard to have. Now i’m homeless with my wife and my 3 children.
Immediate needs: Food. Water. Shoes size, adult 11 mens, womens 9 and 11, boy 4. Also need basic higiene. Anything.”We’ve determined that the fastest, most effective way to meet the immediate needs is also the most simple — to start putting in Amazon orders for basic necessities. These will be delivered directly to people the next day. (We have people’s evacuated addresses).
We will continue to do this till we run out of money. So please consider donating at https://togetherbr.nationbuilder.com/donate. Every single dollar goes to the local recovery.
Lafayette/Opelousas/Jennings/Acadiana area:
Link to extensive a resources in Acadiana Area and is constantly being updated:
Jeff Davis Parish
Disaster Relief Supply Center
407 Shankland Ave.
Jennings, LA
First Baptist Church – Jennings LA.   (337) 824-3271
If anybody is around the Jennings area, we have a distribution site at the old Gulf Coast Auto Plex building, across from Jerry Simmons Football field. (food, toiletries, pet food) Also Contact First Baptist Church in Jennings. For information on a place to lay your head.
Transitional Housing
Mortgage forbearance FAQ: Attention everyone that owns a home and flooded with a mortgage but no flood insurance.  Your mortgage servicer has the ability to offer you a ” Forbearance” which means you do not have to make a payment on your mortgage for up to and at least 12 months, maybe longer.  The payments are just added to your payoff on the backend of your loan without any penalties or charges. It will not count against your credit rating.  Forbearance plans were used and I helped many of my customers obtain them during hurricane Katrina and any disaster that may have been declared.  It’s a life saver program and not limited to mortgages but also available with your car financing, credit cards etc.
  Call your lender and state you are displaced due to flood disaster and you are requesting a Forbearance on your mortgage, loan or credit cards.  They all have it but you have to ask for it.  It is not something they advertise.  PLEASE NOTE:  you must call the telephone number on your monthly payment statement.
Also only deal directly with your Mortgage Payment Servicer.  You will be required to fill out paperwork and should be at no cost.  BEWARE of any third party company that states they will help you for a fee – they are not legitimate.
Please share to everyone you know!
To connect renters and rentals
List of Relief Programs, links from governors office:
Those wishing to contract with the State of Louisiana or FEMA should use the information below.
To contract with the state: http://bit.ly/2bDenGW
To contract with FEMA: http://bit.ly/2brzheX
Flood Victims Encouraged to Pre-Register for DSNAP Benefits –Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP).
DCFS is preparing a DSNAP application for parishes included in the initial federal disaster declaration for the State of Louisiana. Those parishes currently include East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa – although the list is expected to grow rapidly. DSNAP, formerly called Disaster Food Stamps, provides food assistance to eligible households who do not receive regular SNAP benefits and who need help buying groceries due to lost income or damages following a disaster. The state must request that the federal government initiate DSNAP, but can only make the request after the president activates the Stafford Act and approves the parish for Individual Assistance (IA).
After the state makes its request, it is expected that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) will respond quickly. In the meantime, DCFS is preparing potential DSNAP application sites and encouraging impacted residents to pre-register for benefits either online or by phone.
The best way to pre-register is online at www.dcfs.la.gov/preregister. However, residents can also pre-register by phone beginning tomorrow, August 16, at 1-888-LA-HELP-U (1-888-524-3578) daily between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Callers will select the appropriate language and then select options 3 and 3. All pre-registrants will have to provide the following information:
Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth for each household member
Current address and parish of household
Monthly income for each household member
All liquid assets for each household member (cash on hand, checking, savings)
The information will be kept securely on file and will be confidential.
The pre-registration process does not guarantee benefits, but is designed to save time, minimize long lines and prevent applicants from coming to the site only to find out that they do not have the right information needed to apply.
Residents who are already pre-registered for DSNAP do not need to pre-register again. If the state’s DSNAP request is approved, residents who live in an eligible parish and have pre-registered must still visit a DSNAP application site to verify their information and identity to determine final eligibility and receive benefit cards, if eligible.
Households that receive regular SNAP benefits and live in parishes where DSNAP is activated DO NOT have to visit a DSNAP site to receive supplemental benefits. These households that receive regular SNAP benefits and live in parishes where DSNAP is activated will automatically have supplemental benefits added to their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards if they are not already receiving the maximum allotment for their household size.
As with all programs, DCFS works to ensure this program and others are available for eligible applicants by aggressively protecting against fraud in benefits programs year round. Strong safeguards are in place to ensure that only eligible citizens receive DSNAP benefits, to identify those who are dishonest about their eligibility and to pursue recoupment and/or prosecution.
Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge
Have lost and found pages and they NEED foster families!
Have you lost a pet in the flood?
CAA took in 90 animals on Sunday!!
Have you lost a pet?  Please look at our album of evacuation pets at the shelter and our album of found pets being cared for in homes.  Both are on Facebook.
Have you found a pet?  Please send a photo and area of town to lostpets@caabr.org so we can include it in the album.
Lost pet owners and finders should put the information on Lost Pets of Baton Rouge on Facebook.  Look at Visitor Posts for recent activity.  There are also Lost Pet pages for Zachary and Central.  Learn more about reuniting pets and families on our Lost and Found Pet page.
We desperately need temporary fosters.  Contact foster@caabr.org or call 225 774 7701. We always appreciate donated supplies delivered to the shelter (leashes, treats, toys) or monetary donations.
We want pets to stay with their families!  Thanks to everyone for their help!
This helpful fact sheet for those re-entering their homes after flooding from the LA Dept. of Environmental Quality has information about how to do so safely: