This page contains frequently asked questions about this website:

Q: I was affected by flooding. How do I request help?

A: Please fill out the form on the affected family page and we will match you with a sponsor family or organization as quickly as possible. You are also invited to join our Facebook group where we share resources that may assist you in your flood recovery journey.

Q: I want to help. How do I sign up?

A: Please fill out the form on the sponsor family page and we will match you with an affected family as quickly as possible. Please also join our Facebook group where we share resources that you may wish to share with your assigned affected family.

Q: Who is the organization or person behind this page?

A: Desiree Doucet is the creator of this page – it was created with the intention of putting families in need in touch with families who wanted to help. I accept NO money and any gifts are given directly from one party to another. I simply put people in touch with one another so they can help each other directly. I was born + raised in Acadiana and moved to the Atlanta metro area after graduating from LSU. I wanted a way to help those in need in my home state. I used my skills (I work in the IT field) and resources to create this website and do my best to help those families who have suffered a loss due to the flooding in South Louisiana. If you have questions, you can email me atadoptafloodfamily@gmail.com

This is not a registered 501(c)(3) organization. I am one person doing this on my own time with my own resources. I simply created this website in about an hour after the flooding began in South Louisiana to fill a need where people wanted to send help to families in need, but didn’t know who needed help. I do my best to match families that have similar backgrounds and structures (children the same age, etc). I am a connector of people. It is up to each individual party to use their best judgement when deciding what they can and will provide to the other party. I just put people in need in touch with those who want to help. 

Q: What must I provide as someone who is adopting a family in need?

A: You may provide whatever you wish to the family in need. They may ask for specific items or just prayers + moral support. I encourage you to exercise good judgement and if you do not feel comfortable that you can provide what your matched family needs, please email me at adoptafloodfamily@gmail.com and I will find another match for the family in need. No hard feelings either way, but please let me know so that I can reassign the family to someone else.

I do not have the time nor resources to vet every person who requests assistance, so if you don’t feel comfortable with a family assignment or request for assistance, please let me know and I will re-assign the family to someone else.