Affected Family

We are sorry to report that we can no longer accept families in need after the Hurricane Harvey. We wish you well in your journey of recovery.

I invite you to join us in our “Adopt a Flood Family” Facebook Group, where we share resources and information that may help you in your recovery after the flood. Fundraising posts or direct requests for assistance are not allowed on the Facebook group. All posts must be approved by a moderator. It is simply a forum for sharing resources to aid you in your recovery after the flood.

We are now accepting submissions for families affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas + Louisiana.

Our mission is to match families in need with families or organizations who’d like to help.

We do not collect nor disburse funds directly. We are simply matchmakers. We also offer links to other organizations that may provide assistance to you in your recovery.

In order to be matched to a sponsor family, please complete the form below.